“Look at the nations and watch and be utterly amazed, for I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe even if you were told.” (Habakkuk 1:5)

I am writing this now with so much excitement! I have often read and heard about people feeling inspired by God, but I have never experienced it so personally in my life as I did yesterday. This may be long, but I feel I must tell the whole thing, so here it goes:

Usually the hour-long drive from the office in town back to the center gives me time to think, and during that time yesterday, I felt the need to discuss some of my thoughts. I told Abby how it has always been a goal of mine to write a book. I wanted it to be something about women in Africa who have risen from nothing to be successful, but that was all I knew. I told her that three people that day had told me I should write a book, which is what caused it to be on my mind more than usual. Abby excitedly admitted that she too had always wanted to write a book and that three people that day had also told her that she should write a book! She said thought she wanted it to be about ChildVoice somehow. We couldn’t believe the coincidence. Excited to share in our common interests and goals, I started offering ideas—it should be something about renewal, hope, God working in people’s lives…transformation! I grabbed my notebook and scribbled ideas as quickly as I could and underlined the word “Transformation.” We were clearly onto something here. Abby and I decided that this was something we definitely had to do and further decided that we should be co-authors of this book where we gather stories of transformation from the girls at CVI and from those who had come to CVI to work with them and been touched in some way.

We decided to have a brainstorming session after we got back to the center and I was bursting with excitement over all the ideas running through my head. When we got back to the center, I spotted Kristin and Julia and ran over to tell them of our decision. Kristin’s face lit up like no other. She said, “That is amazing. I have got to tell you this.”

Kristin went on to tell us of a Bible Study she had taken part in back in the states in March where she prayed for financial help for ChildVoice. People prayed over her about it. The next week, a Zimbabwean man named Felix who had been in the prayer group took her aside and said he had to share something with her.

He said, “Kristin, I had a vision that you must know. There was a book and its name was a single word—the name of one of the girls from ChildVoice. The book told stories about the girl and her transformation. You must do this. This is how God will solve your financial problems.”

Kristin never told anyone what Felix said. The idea kept nagging at her, but she kept praying that God would take it away from her because she felt she wasn’t a good writer and would have no idea how to write a book.

I got chills as she told us this. “The name of one of the girls?,” I said. “Hope?…GRACE!” We all said it at the same time. The story of Grace was one of the greatest transformative stories I’ve ever heard. She arrived at CVI when she was 18 after many years in the bush. She had been abducted and forced to be a child soldier at a very young age. She had been treated in brutal ways that I don’t care to describe here, and she developed the mind of a killer. She was threatened to kill or be killed. After she was rescued from the bush she was unable to function in normal society. She tried to go to school but only had thoughts of killing the other students. She even got married, but burned down the hut of one of the co-wives (she was one of three) and devised a plan to kill her as well. So she ran away, and she ended up at ChildVoice.

At ChildVoice, Grace had to be separated from the children at the center because she wanted to kill them. She fought everyone and almost got kicked out of the center many times. It was no easy task, but God somehow won Grace over. By the time she left ChildVoice, she was a different person. She was kind and loving and she was one of the most faith-filled girls of the group, telling everyone of how God changed her life.

Many more small “godwinks” follow, but I do not want to make this story go any longer. We all feel very sure now of what we need to do and are determined to see it through. We are planning to go to Grace’s village to visit with her and get her whole story first-hand later this month.

Please pray that as we go forward with this, we will seek God’s will in all things.

“No matter how much you dream or how much useless work you do, or how much you talk, you must still stand in awe of God.” (Ecclesiastes 5: 7)  God never ceases to amaze me.